Oklahoma Homebuyer Education Association

605 Centennial Blvd.
Edmond, OK 73013


Phone: 405-949-1495

Toll Free:



Fax: 405-509-2712




Networking Info

OHEA maintains two internet-based information sharing systems:


ohea@yahoogroups.com is open to anyone and allows you to:

  • Send messages to ALL other members and receive OHEA messages

  • Join other members in the group’s chat room

  • Speak to other members via a “talk” feature

  • View the OHEA Calendar of Events and other posted documents

  • View links of common interest for the group

Log onto Yahoogroups.com to subscribe to this group.



OHEAMEMBERS@yahoogroups.com is open to paid OHEA members and adds:

  • Technical assistance bulletins

  • Curriculum updates

  • Member lists

  • Subsidy guidelines

  • Service provider agreements

  • Certification Procedures

  • Report Form

All members who provide their email addresses will be subscribed to this group.







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